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The Street-Smart Lab Mix

Ripley came to us after weeks of trying to catch him. We discovered through social media that a cute lab mix was hanging our at San Pedro Springs Park, but was unfortunately injured on both his leg and tail.

After searching for him several times we finally found him hanging around the park, extremely excited to play with other dogs; However, humans were a different story for him.  After many attempts to catch him, we found that he had a safe space under a house in the nearby neighborhood.  We came to learn his patterns and behaviors through a series of late night stake-outs, and ultimately set up a large trap to catch him - with the help of all the wonderful neighbors there. While he outsmarted the trap for several nights our efforts finally paid off and he is now safe and sound.

We will be taking him to the doc's office to ensure he is well taken care of and hopefully have him ready for adoption soon!

Interested in adopting our pup? Contact us! Click below for our contact info.

Our Pup's Story: Meet the Team
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